Michael Vick is in Trouble plus… Ashley Judd’s Big Day

May 29, 2007 | WNST Interns

Michael Vick is going to be tied to the dog fighting ring in Virginia. There’s no doubt in my mind. Too much circumstantial evidence is pointing in his direction and I think and I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.  

Andrew and I have been all over this story and, finally, some apparent confirmation of Vick’s participation in dog fighting has surfaced. As I said on the show saturday morning, this atrocious activity is a felony in 47 states including Virginia. The dogs are trained to kill and, often times, die horrible deaths in the ring. This is NOT a small issue. 

To me, and this is my opinion, the "culture" of dog fighting speaks to several larger issues. A lack of compassion for animals is only one step removed from a lack of compassion for human beings. 
Do I eat veal? Yes. Do I hunt? No. Do I eat chicken and beef and pork? Yes. 
With the possible exception of veal, animals are killed mercifully. In fact there are laws to protect the way animals are slaughtered for food. Any one, including Clinton Portis, who tries to tell me that "hey it’s just a bunch of dogs" is missing the point entirely. I hope Vick IS involved. I do. I feel that, for too long, he’s been given a free ride that lesser known athletes wouldn’t enjoy. I also hope that, should Vick be found culpable, dog fighting gets the attention it deserves as a horribly vicious and tragic example of humankind’s ability to hurt.
Here’s the Top Five reasons Vick likes the dog fighting "culture" 
5. Nobody at a dog fight hassles him about what might be in his thermos.
4. Playing "Madden" can get pretty boring.
3. He’s better at raising dogs to kill each other than he is at reading a defense.
2. Training dogs to fight and winning money from it is WAY more fun than owning a couple of car dealerships.
1. It’s no big deal to him because he considers himself "more of a cat person" anyway.
Leave it to a Hollywood starlet to steal the thunder from her husband who’s just won the "Indianapolis 500". Did you get a chance to watch the finish yesterday? The guy who won, some Scotsman whose name I’m too lazy to look up, earned the victory after his teammate, Marco Andretti, wiped out with about 30 laps to go in a heavy rain. The race ended under a yellow flag and "Scotty" was declared the winner. His wife, none other than Ashley Judd, stood in the rain- her summer dress clinging tightly to her soaked body and managed to steal whatever focus there was. She kicked off her shoes and ran through the driving rain towards her husband. It was truly romantic. Yeah, right. Prediction? Divorce in less than a year. 
Much will be written today about the importance of remembering those who have served and given their lives to protect our country. As I’m writing this, Casey Willet and Rex Snider have already posted powerfully written blogs and I suggest you read them. I know this is the day we grill our hamburgers and eat our crabs and drink our beer. 
It’s the day we have a fist fight with our cousin’s drunken husband who keeps hitting on our wife or badgering us because his house is bigger than ours.  
It’s the day our father reminds us 50 bazillion times that he’s much better at grilling than we are. 
It’s the day we watch baseball and play frisbee and pass out after several too many margaritas.
But what it REALLY is…
It’s the day that’s been given to us by all those brave men and women whose days have ended so that ours might continue to be lived freely.
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