Michael Vick, Putty Hill Station and Andrew’s Mayflower Mea Culp

April 29, 2007 | WNST Interns

Interesting show today… Andrew touched off some controversy when he said that Michael Vick is in trouble.  HE IS! If you haven’t read the story yet, his cousin’s house (owned by Vick) was raided by police.  66 emaciated and wounded pit bulls were found there.  Vick claims no knowledge but, apparently, this issue has surfaced before.  Believe me, this story will grow as the week goes on and the draft talk begins to die down. 

We had lots of calls about this.  Some people want to make the claim that Vick shares no culpability while others are ready to dump him from the league.  To be clear, our issue with Vick has to do with the fact that he HAS been involved in trouble before.  Not saying he’s a criminal or even a troubled guy.  But he certainly seems to find himself embroiled in sticky situations.  He is considered one of the top marketing “faces” for the NFL and, for the sake of his team, as well as his own earning capacity, he must learn to avoid these types of things. i’m about to head over to Putty Hill Station and catch some draft party stuff with Rob Long.  I haven’t made it to a WNST event yet, so this should be lots of fun.

Also, if you missed it, this morning Andrew issued a formal apology for the boneheaded mistake he made a couple of weeks ago when he insisted that the Colts left Baltimore in Bekins moving vans.  We all know it was Mayflower.  Below is the letter he read on the air…

Dear listeners and esteemed station owner:

Two weeks ago on this program, I made the mistake of saying that the Baltimore Colts were transported to Indianapolis by Bekins Moving Vans rather than Mayflower.  I would like to formally apologize for that comment.  Or, if you’d prefer, I will go to M&T Bank Stadium and hang myself from the cross bar of a goal post.  However, as I have a family that loves me dearly, I hope this apology and explanation will suffice.  I said Bekins instead of Mayflower because as a child, when we were transplanted to Baltimore from New York by our alcoholic parents, I remember that the moving company we used was Bekins.  I simply transposed one strange event from my childhood with another.  Also, I would like to formally absolve my brother Marc of any guilt related to the incident.  He tried to correct me and I simply refused to listen.  I did this because I am a stubborn and sometimes angry man who hates when my older brother is right. He has a loud, annoying voice, and I have always felt deeply hidden rage towards him. In fact, I’ve often fantasized during Passover Meals together that it might be nice to beat him to death with Elijah’s cup or take him to M&T Bank Stadium and hang him from a goal post. I am currently taking medication to deal with that rage. If any of our loyal listeners feel that I know longer have credibility as a sports talk show host, I would be more than willing to come to your home and take a Baltimore Colts test like Steve Guttenberg made his fiance do in the movie ‘Diner’. I will also do any yard work, plumbing or general housekeeping that needs doing.  Once again, please except this heartfelt apology and I hope we can put this tragedy behind us. Thank you.