Miil-AH Redux

October 23, 2007 | WNST Interns

* I’m overwhelmed and appreciative to all of you who took the time to read and respond to my blog yesterday regarding Kevin Millar’s cheerleading act in Boston on Sunday night.  This tells me a few things, not the least of which is that even after a decade of mismanagement and ineptitude, people in Baltimore are still very passionate about baseball and the Orioles.  Pretty amazing, really.  It just proves that you can’t kill a love of the game of baseball no matter how hard you try.  Meaning Angelos & Sons, LLC.  But I’d also like to make a few points that I missed yesterday regarding this entire fiasco:

1.  Millar’s loyalty to his Red Sox ties is Example A of what free agency has done to baseball.  The players are mercenaries, loyal only to the highest bidder, and as for us, the fans?  They could care less how their actions are perceived by us.

2.  How ridiculous is it that just THREE years after their first World Series win in 86 years, the Red Sox are pulling this "walk down memory lane" crap?  Just where do they get off with this?  Totally arrogant in my opinion.  Now I’m DEFINITELY rooting for Colorado.  Previously, I could have cared less.  Not after Sunday night.

3.  Can you imagine anyone pulling something like this in, say, 1975?  Players back then detested their former teams, usually because they were traded away, a sure sign that those teams regarded them as inferior.  Again, free agency has made players loyal to nothing but the color green.  They’ve become a fraternity of multi-millionaires who love each other, their money and the status it gives them.  Just remember, they REALLY dislike only one thing: Being bothered in any way, shape or form by us, the fans.

4.  I’m not going to give him the honor of linking to his column today, but I will make this remark: Please go away, David Steele.  Don’t begin to pretend that you’re in ANY kind of position to tell us, lifelong Baltimoreans, how to feel about that charade in Boston Sunday night.  Go check Hot Jobs.com or something; maybe a D.C. paper needs another sports columnist.  Now I remember why I don’t read the drivel Mr. Steele writes.  Please go away and take your opinions with you.

5.  I’m absolutely serious about this point: The Orioles MUST NOT have Millar on their roster next spring.  Do the right thing, Andy MacPhail, and trade him to the Yankees in November.  THAT would be a fitting end to this chapter!