Mike Hargrove Pulls The Ultimate Selfish Act …

July 02, 2007 | WNST Interns

The Mariners didn’t deserve this … no team deserves this. Yesterday, Mike Hargrove quit on his team. Regardless of his 1,188 games as a manager or his storied playing career, Hargrove’s baseball career will be vastly remembered by this one, selfish decision. Yes, the “human rain delay” is now just a “quitter.”

Don’t misunderstand my message, I’m not suggesting work or the game of baseball is more important than life, itself. That would be a ridiculous thought. However, I do recognize the personal discipline and sacrifice that accompanies “commitment.” Honestly, an entire organization committed itself to Mike Hargrove, and he turned his back on them. Hey Mike, commitment is a “two way street.”

He said it was hard to find that “passion”; well, this was the time to reach back and grab that “passion” from somewhere … anywhere. This team and the next three months of its existence should be more important than the aspect of whether the manager “really feels like doing this” any longer. Is this the advice Hargrove would give a guy when it comes to commitment to a team?

Hargrove said, “they deserve better” when referencing the Mariners team and it’s reliance on the skipper. Hell yeah, they deserve better … from YOU. The Mariners are playing excellent baseball and vying for the AL West lead. If this thing derails, there’s one guy to blame … "Grover", himself.

For all the parents with kids … instill a nature of determination different than this with them. Mike Hargrove pulled the ultimate of selfish acts. In truth, he should’ve looked in the mirror and reasoned he had three months to go … and three months of dedicated service to provide. My gut tells me Hargrove better be secure with this decision – teams will remember the poor character associated with walking out on a winning team.

Obviously, Hargrove is secure from a financial perspective. Many WNST listeners don’t have the “passion” to do their job any longer. However, they do it … primarily for money. Thus, Hargrove must not need another cent.

Still, this is wrong. Mike Hargrove was right – the Seattle Mariners do deserve better … they just won’t be getting it from him.