Mike Tanier tells Nestor and Dennis that Ravens have leg up on draft competition

April 21, 2020 | WNST Audio

We’re thrilled to finally have a chance to talk sports again here at WNST. Mike Tanier of Bleacher Report checked in with Nestor and Dennis Koulatsos as the 2020 NFL Draft is quickly approaching. As the Ravens prepare to improve on their 14-2 record in 2019, Mike believes the Ravens’ stable organizational structure gives them a leg up on their competition.

“Not only do they know where they sit, but they know where they stand in terms of the flow chart of information and decision making,” Tanier said. “No one at the Ravens has any questions about who has the authority to do what. If someone picks up the phone, they know who they’re calling. They know that person has the ability to make a trade at this level, or if it’s at this level, it might be a different person that you call or a different set of authorities. That’s great for the Ravens.”

Dennis agrees…

“Organizations win championships,” Koulatsos said. “The cream will rise to the top. It always does, it always will, without fail. You will not see the better teams in the league make these mistakes that these never-weres and has-beens make on draft day. They’ll make some mistakes.”

With the 2020 NFL Draft being held virtually for the first time, Mike believes most of the big moves will be made prior to anyone being on the clock.

“I think you’re going to see a couple of big trades beforehand, and then in the first round, teams are going to be like OK, now that we made those big moves, let’s make sure we get the picks in and move forward,” Tanier said.

Mike Tanier, Dennis Koulatsos, and Nestor had a great draft discussion that you won’t want to miss!

To hear their full conversation, listen here: