Monday Football Thoughts

September 10, 2007 | WNST Interns

Random NFL thoughts while anxiously awaiting the 7 p.m. kickoff…

Keeping in mind that old axiom that "You’re never as great as you look when you win, and never as bad as you look when you lose", these are my impressions of Week 1 in the 2007 NFL season.

*  Cleveland is really that awful.  Frye, Anderson, Quinn…does it even matter?  I know Phil Savage is trying to build that franchise back up the right way by taking Joe Thomas at #3 overall in this year’s draft, but I said it in April and I’m not backing off: the Browns should have drafted Adrian Peterson there.  In case you missed it yesterday, Peterson is simply the best rookie RB in the league and a threat to go to the end zone every time he touches the ball.  AP absolutely ran over, around and through the Atlanta D yesterday for Minnesota.

*  Dallas looks like a mortal lock to get the #1 pick in the ’08 Draft thanks to Cleveland.  If you love those ‘Boys, start getting excited for Darren McFadden now.  Go ahead, it’s safe.  Cleveland’s going to miss that pick big-time next April.

*  Green Bay, Minnesota and Detroit are all looking down at Da Bears after Week 1.  How crazy is that?

*  Incompetent offenses live here:  Tampa Bay, K.C., Atlanta, Chicago and Cleveland.  Just something to bear in mind if you like to wager.  Not that I’m endorsing gambling, since it’s not legal and all, right?

*  Listen, I hate the Colts as much as any native Baltimorean, but their defense the other night was positively fast.  Flying to the ball on every play, Tony Dungy has his guys hungry, agressive and disciplined.  They’re not going to go away quietly.

*  I wasn’t sold on Tony Romo last year, but after watching him dissect the Giants’ D last night, wow.  Just wow.

*  LaDainian Tomlinson has more touchdown passes after Week 1 than six starting QBs.

*  New England will run away from everyone else in the AFC East.  Duh.

*  This just in: Randy Moss is baaaack.

*  Who Gets Whacked First? Dept.:  Jon Gruden, Romeo Crennel, Herm Edwards, Jack Del Rio or Tom Coughlin?  Early front-runner has to be Crennel.  The Browns could legitimately start 0-5.

*  Surprising Defenses: Tennessee, Houston, Green Bay and Seattle.  I especially liked the Packers’ agression against Philly yesterday.  Fast and harrassing.

*  Pittsburgh’s going to be the Ravens’ main competition for the AFC North title.

TONIGHT’S PICK:  Ravens 23, Bengals 19  –  The offense eats enough clock to keep the D fresh for the 4th quarter.  Stover boots 3 field goals between a McGahee TD and a McNair to Demetrius Williams TD.

Oh yeah, there’s a game on after ours.  I’ll take the 49ers at home over AZ by 27 – 23.