Monday Morning Musings

October 29, 2007 | WNST Interns

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox for winning their second World Series in four years last night by completing a sweep of the overmatched Colorado Rockies. If you watched any of the four games, you saw what a complete club the Sox were. Better hitting, especially in the clutch, much better starting pitching, and a bullpen anchored by one of baseball’s best young closers in Papelbon. If there was one weakness in this series for Boston, it was Hideki Okajima in middle relief getting bounced around. But that was about it. If you’re an Orioles fan, beware of these two truths: It’s going to be a loooong time before they can compete with the Red Sox. And next year, those Sawx fans are going to be absolutely unbearable at OPACY. All 45,000 of them.


While I’m on baseball, allow me to say “I told you so.” Alex Rodriguez is opting out of his remaining three years and $92 million with the New York Yankees to become a free agent. I said on my show back in May that I had no doubts about him taking this route.  There will always be a higher bidder for his services, especially following the monster year he had offensively. So now the question becomes: Who pays up? Early indications are the Angels, Dodgers, Giants, Cubs and Red Sox.  I’m going to throw in one potential dark horse in the bidding: The Chicago White Sox. GM Ken Williams has always coveted A-Rod, and they’re the kind of big market team that could justify $300 million or so to land him.  Yeah, that’s right, I actually wrote $300 million. He’ll get it. I guarantee it.


I spent an entire show in July arguing reasons why the Orioles should get involved in the A-Rod sweepstakes. Now I feel as if I wasted all three hours. Aint gonna happen.


Classy display by Bill Belichick and the Patriots yesterday. After all, who wouldn’t go for it on fourth-and-2, ahead by 38 in the fourth Quarter, at home, against a team that had absolutely zero chance of getting back in the game? And to prove it was no fluke, having Tom Brady throw another TD pass following said fourth down conversion? Look, we get it. We know you’re really good. But now we know with certainty that you lack respect for your opponents and the game. And we know that all that winning can’t buy you dignity.

I hope somebody gets you back. Soon.


NFL Head Coaches Hot Seat: Scott Linehan, Rams. Marvin Lewis, Cincy. Cam Cameron, Miami. Eric Mangini, N.Y. Jets. My money’s on Linehan getting axed first. But Marvin can’t be too far behind, can he? If the Bengals finish 5-11, which seems entirely possible, somebody’s out the door. It’s either Marvin or Chad Johnson.


After that debacle in Wembley Stadium yesterday, the rest of the world can make a compelling argument that soccer is actually more exciting than American football.

The NFL should take out a full-page ad and apologize for subjecting British citizens to pay $200 to watch Cleo Lemon ”play” QB.


Now that the Terps are completely decimated by injuries, can I please not be subjected to any more articles about ways they could still make the ACC Championship Game? Sheesh, that garbage in Saturday’s Sun made me laugh at their folly.


Bet you didn’t know Curlin won the Breeder’s Cup Classic Saturday. Bet you didn’t care, either.

But slots are coming to save the horse racing industry in Maryland! Too bad it’s only about a decade too late.

Bet you’ll only care when Frank Stronach announces that the Preakness Stakes is moving to Gulfstream Park.


Loyola Dons 21, Gilman Greyhounds 7.

‘Nuff said!

Monday Morning Musings

September 24, 2007 | WNST Interns

Random thoughts on a Monday morning after a Sunday spent watching football and playing catch with the boys in the backyard (wasn’t the weather perfect yesterday?)….

Free The Birds II : I’ll be at Maggie Moore’s at 21 N. Eutaw St., just five blocks north of the Scoreboard In Dispute, from 4 – 5:30 p.m. this evening.  Stop in, grab a Happy Hour drink of your choice, get a bite to eat (the food is terrific!) and say hello.  Give John and Maggie some much-appreciated business prior to the game; they’re one of literally hundreds of local businesspeople who have been so negatively impacted economically by this current regime.  I’ll be the tall guy with a Free The Birds tee and white-paneled cartoon bird hat on.  Hope to see you there!

Ravens thoughts from yesterday:  Good – 3rd down conversion efficiency.  Derrick Mason.  Antwan Barnes’ speed off the edge (it looked to me like he was held every play).  Yamon Figurs (what a burst!).  Matt Stover (can we just put him in the Ring of Honor today?  Seriously, who would object to this?).  O – Line opening nice lanes for Willis.  Bad – Tackling and coverage in the secondary again.  Not much push up the middle from the D – line (we’re really going to need Trevor Pryce).  Once again, a seeming inability to close teams out.  I think that’s a legitimate concern.

Good news from Seattle.  The Seahawks’ victory yesterday puts Cincy at 1 – 2, with New England coming to town next Monday night.  Looks to me as if the Bengals will be 1 – 3.  Hmmmm.  When does Marvin Lewis sit on the hot seat?

Pittsburgh is efficient.  The Steelers are doing what all good teams do; beating the teams they should.  Handily, I might add.  But check the second half of their schedule.  It’s as tough as the Ravens’.  This will be an interesting divisional race.  I’m already getting pumped for that Monday Nighter on November 5th!

What happened to the Redskins’ offense in the second half?  As Ravens fans, it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  What a stink bomb Jason Campbell and Co. put on there.  Just abysmal.  But Redskins – Giants is one matchup I genuinely could care less about.  I suppose I should buy the Sunday Ticket.

Has anybody seen the Lions’ secondary yet?  I think they stayed in Detroit.  Heads up, Jon Kitna: you’re not winning 10 games this year with that group.  Poor Big Ed Mulitalo.

Dallas is the best NFC team right now.  And for all the Boller bashers, wanna trade for Rex Grossman?  Ugh.

When Marion Barber III becomes a free agent, I hope the Ravens will show some interest.  He’s a top three running back in the league right now.  What a stud.

I suppose there’s a quarterback controversy in Arizona this morning.  Give Warner some credit for yesterday’s performance, Ravens fans.  The man’s not a hack.  And currently, he’s their best chance to win.  That game doesn’t get so tense if Matt Leinart plays the whole way.  It’s true.

MNF: I’m taking Tennessee tonight.  No way the Saints’ D stops the run.  Titans, 33 – 24.

Hope to meet you at Maggie’s later today!