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April 21, 2007 | WNST Interns

NBA Playoff talk has to be a major topic. Will the Wizards make any noise?  Nope. Not a chance.  They’re banged up and play ZERO defense which is something you have to do in the playoffs.  My pick is Detroit. The loss of Ben Wallace aside, this team is the same team from last year and the defensive slack has been picked up by the rest of the starters. 


Not only do I think Detroit makes it into the finals, I think they WIN it all.  Remember, I said it.  We all know the Western Conference is far superior to the Eastern Conference so then why is it that two of the last three champions (and Detroit SHOULD HAVE beaten San Antonio in ’04-’05) have come from the East?  Here’s why…


Western Conference teams beat each other up physically in the regular season and then in the playoffs.  Meanwhile a team like the Pistons will make it into the seven game series rested and ready to play some serious defense and bang hard off the boards.  The NBA season is long and the elite teams in the East can afford to coast a little more against teams like Boston, Atlanta and Charlotte.  Vegas has the Pistons set at 6-1 to win the championship.  I say you make that bet!


Who do you like to win it all?  Send an email to and let us know. And listen to tomorrow’s show for more NBA analysis.


DRAFT TALK-  Mike Florio from is going to be checking in as Andrew and I start to take a hard look at the upcoming NFL draft.  Of course we’re going to be doing it FIGHTING UNGERS style.  That means funny questions about pot smoking 1st round picks and Wunderlick scores.  We’ll take a look at some “busts” from the past couple of drafts and continue to ask the eternal question- AM I SUPPOSED TO REALLY CARE WHO THE BROWNS PICK?


O’s open a three game series at home tonight against Toronto.  Both teams come in with 8-7 records and with Cabrera on the mound; the Orioles have a great opportunity to take game 1.  I’m as excited about this Orioles squad as I’ve been about any in quite a few years.  Still, as I move through the city and talk to people, there seems to be this sense of “we’ll believe it when we see it.” 


The team DOES lack depth and bench strength is an issue. The upcoming series against Toronto, Oakland and Boston will go a long way towards answering early season questions about the character of this Orioles team.  Some questions to ponder…


What will the return of Jay Payton and Ramon Hernandez really mean?


Can the starting rotation sustain an injury to Bedard or Cabrera?


Adam Loewen- Can he give the Orioles 13-15 wins at this young age?




There’s a “massage parlor” close to my office.  You know, the kind of place where guys can go and just, um, well I’m sure they just go there to “unwind”.  Anyway, saw a guy get off a city bus and walk into the place.  And I’m thinkin’- “man, you have to be SERIOUSLY committed to, you know, a MASSAGE if you’re willing to hop on a city bus to get there.  I wonder if he had to get a transfer?