More Memos…

October 09, 2007 | Ed Frankovic

So the Cowboys were supposed to blow out the Bills tonight and WERE VERY LUCKY to escape 25-24 on some late heroics. Do you think people will be complaining in Dallas Tuesday on talk radio? If they are smart down there they’ll take the win and breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Following up on Drew’s theme of the night…

Memo to all NFL fans and especially those of you ready to jump off the ledge because the Ravens barely beat the 49ers: The talent level in the league is much closer across the board than most think and if you don’t play well or are not emotionally ready for a game you can lose to ANYONE.  So when you hear Brian Billick or any coach around the league saying they are happy with a win, no matter what the score, they really know how hard it was to achieve. So take the Ravens win yesterday, especially since they had to play with a banged up QB, without their All-Pro Tight End, and had to go with 3 rookies on the o-line. Injuries are a HUGE factor in this league and finding a way to win while you have key guys out is crucial. There are NO STYLE POINTS in the NFL. Be happy the Ravens draft and develop well and can find a way to win when key guys are hurt.

Memo to the Fighting Unger that filling in on the air with Ray today: How can you possibly already be chalking up the Ravens game in Pittsburgh on November 5th as a loss for Baltimore?? The Ravens get up for the Steelers like no other team in the league and they will play their guts out to try and win that game. 2 years ago the Ravens went into Pittsburgh with Anthony Wright at QB and without Ed Reed and Ray Lewis among others and almost won the game. That Pittsburgh team won the Super Bowl that year. So save the “we’ll win this game, we’ll lose that game prognosticating” because this is the NFL and anything can happen week to week. I know it is coach speak, but the truth is the coaches in the league no how true the following statement is: you have to take the season one game at a time.

Memo to the Peter Angelos: Had you not already signed Dave Trembley for next season  would you have been interested in Joe Torre when he becomes available? (Why do the O’s always play their hand on managerial and player decisions way before they have to?? Oh, that’s right, I forgot who owns the team)

Memo to Joe Torre: Now that King George is kicking you to the curb, and undeservedly so IMHO, would you have taken the O’s job had Peter Angelos offered it to you?