More Steroid Tal

May 09, 2007 | WNST Interns

David Ortiz’s recent comments are more proof that this era is and should go down as the steroid era.

Ortiz stated that when he was in the Dominican Republic, he use to drink protein shakes. He later stated that he was not 100% sure that there were no steroids in those shakes. Not a ringing endorsement for things being on the up and up in your homeland.

We won’t hear much of this because Ortiz is “Big Papi.” He’s a lovable character. It’s not because he’s not an “African-American.” Actually, technically, he is an African-American. Ortiz will somehow get a free pass because his name isn’t Barry Bonds.

By the way, will Curt Schilling please shut up? In a recent interview with WEEI radio in Boston, he stated that if Bonds is sitting at 754 when the Giants visit Fenway Park June 15-17, he won’t give Bonds anything to hit. I thought that was the idea, anyway.