My thoughts on Colts- Ravens

December 09, 2007 | WNST Staff

Things to look for tonight versus the Colts
  1. Expect to see the Ravens corners give Reggie Wayne, Anthony Gonzalez, Aaron Moorehead space off of the line of scrimmage. The same thing you saw last year with the Ravens corners lining up 5-10 yds deep, expect to see today. You will give them the 5 –8 yard pass, but no matter what do not allow them to run deep and past you.
  2. Follow Dallas Clark where ever he goes. He can single handily beat a team and had that huge catch last year against Corey Ivy in the playoff game that set up the final field goal that put the game away for the Colts. He is a “hybrid” tight end, he can line up as a classic tight end, go in motion, line up in slot, it does not matter, and the guy can do it all and does it all very well. Probably the best pass catching tight end in the NFL and causes mismatch problems for any nickel back or tight end that tries to cover him. The Colts will hope to get Clark matched up against Ivy and take advantage of that match up.
  3. I think the Ravens will limit Joseph Adai running the football, but that is where the Colts have found a way to use him in the passing game to hurt teams. He is a very good pass catching back and has great speed and moves in the open field.
  4. Ryan Diem who is a very good right tackle for the Colts missed all week with a knee injury and is questionable going into tonight. To try and get pressure on Peyton attack that side of the o-line, move guys like Suggs, Barnes, Johnson, whoever you have to over there to try and get pressure on Peyton.
1.      Get Willis McGahee going early ! See if you can establish the running game with him and force guys like Bob Sanders to come down in the box and stop the run.
2.      Keep them off of Boller. Kyle can have success as he proved last week if he is given time to go through his reads. The o-line played its best game versus the Patriots, and will almost need the same type of performance versus the Colts.
3.      Give Marshal help. Marshal Yanda will have a tough task tonight against Robert Mathis, and I am sure Marshal will be up for it but Sypniewski and McGahee and McClain have to be prepared to help out if need be.
4.      Sustain long drives. One of the easiest ways to keep Peyton Manning from moving the ball up and down the field is to keep him on the sideline. The Ravens did a nice job last week of putting together nice long drives that took time off the clock. You just have to make sure that they are leading to points on the board and not just field goals.
I have no doubt that the Ravens will come out looking to show that they are the team that we saw last week for 58 minutes. However they played their best and it was still not enough and this week the Colts talent will be just enough better,look for Dallas Clark to be a big key in this game.
Colts 30 – Ravens 16