NASCAR Fans …. Here’s Your Chance …

May 08, 2007 | WNST Interns

Okay, NASCAR fans …. this is your big chance. Do you have a question for Tony Stewart? Do you want Jimmie Johnson’s opinion about a relevant topic? Here’s the deal, next Monday and Tuesday (May 14/15), I’ll be at the Monster Mile; Dover International Speedway for NASCAR’S mandatory “Car of Tomorrow” Test. I’ll be in the good company of Katie Browne – the brains behind the “Rex Snider Show” and we’ll be scouring the garage area and pits for YOU.

We anticipate opportunities to talk with NASCAR’S biggest and brightest stars. Thus, we want to seize every opportunity to get what you want. YOU are the real ears of WNST. Think about it …. we might get a few minutes with Jeff Gordon. Do you wanna know how he really feels about hooligans throwing beer cans at him? Do you wanna know if Mark Martin is kicking himself for running a partial schedule?

I’ll go there …. I’ll ask the tough stuff. But, you put it writing and send it to Now, there is one topic I will not broach. I will not ask Dale Earnhardt Jr. any questions regarding his father. Don’t misunderstand my stance …. I think Dale Earnhardt’s death in the 2001 Daytona 500 was earth shattering and front-page stuff. Heck, ESPN has even labeled Earnhardt’s death the 2nd biggest sports-related news story in their history. That’s big.

But, folks it was more than six years ago. There comes a point when we exploit a subject and drive it into the ground. And, this is it. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and every member of his family have answered any possible question regarding the tragedy. It’s healthy to move on. And, I’ll be part of such a sobering process. So, no “Intimidator” questions.

Get thinking …. You got a few days. But, give me the questions and I’ll get the answers. Thanks and keep listening.

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