Need some help on the Bonds issue….

August 08, 2007 | WNST Interns

With all due respect to everyone’s opinion…exactly when did the steroids era begin?…was it in 1993 when Bonds hit 46 HR’s had 123 RBI and a 336 AVG…or was it 2000 when Bonds had 49 HR’s with 106 RBI and a 306 AVG I am confused…
Help? He was on ROIDS as early as 1993? But…how…could…what? GET REAL!

He is the greatest player of my era…plain and simple. Is he a horses ass at times? Seems so….Did he take something he shouldn’t have? Seems so….but lets not make him the poster child of all the bad things in baseball….how many people have been caught and suspended this year of illegal substances? Was Bonds one of them? Maybe I missed that.

The era is what the era is…call it whatever you want. We had a pitching era, a juiced ball era, a small ballpark era and now a steroid/stimulant era…it is what it is.

Some people say steroids can’t help you hit a baseball, some people say it does…I think you can either hit a baseball or you can’t…and BONDS does it as well as anyone who ever played the game….imagine what his numbers would be if pitchers finally got a set and threw him a strike once in awhile.

So love him or hate him…he won’t care…never has, never will…but call him the HR KING…call him a Hall of Famer…call him the best of this era…and by all means call him the star of stars.

Just remember this Clark Kent was a good reporter until he became superman….Bonds was simply a great baseball player that became the Greatest of his time…..

My last statement I am sure will get me in trouble but…Lance Armstrong was just another rider till he became the greatest ever…and he is suspected to this day of doing something wrong….everyone can believe what they want and are entitled to their opinion…for me it was a great moment, a historic moment….a moment that was celebrated by Frank Robinson and Willie Mays. If they can stand up and applaud the moment and the accomplishment…so can we all.

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P.S. Hammerin Hank showed his class as well last night….Mr. Bud…how can you not love what you helped create?