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August 06, 2007 | WNST Interns

So as an NFL junkie and Fantasy Football expert, I try and watch as much football as I can, especially pre-season football. Now at times watching Pre-Season football is like watching the Arena league…you have no idea who these guys are, but its the NFL and that is good enough for me. You can learn a lot in these games that will really help you build a good Fantasy team. Last year the only reason anyone knew of Marques Colston was because of the pre-season games…this year we are all trying to see how new schemes will effect certain teams…how the rookies will fit in and any tips that a new season can bring us.


The NFL network will carry many of the pre-season games…and for that matter a growing amount of NFL regular season games this year. The telecast is unwatchable with the sound on. Now don’t get me wrong the NFL network is the greatest TV/cable/satillite station of all time. They have a great group of experts and commentators that I enjoy watching and being informed by daily. Unfortunately this stops the moment they do a live NFL game. BRYANT GUMBEL AND CHIS COLLINSWORTH are horrible together…especially GUMBEL. Did the NFL Network actually watch and listen last year to their broadcasts, because they were bad last year and after one game this year….nothing has changed at all….exept they did fix the sound issue they had…which in a good and bad thing…becaue now you can hear the dynamic due at the right speed and place.

With all due respect to the FIGHTING UNGERS, please remove the GUMBEL ad…Bryant Gumbel should not be allowed to be referred to in any sports related arena ever again! I know 10 to 15 years ago he was seen as a great commentator/play-by-play man but has he watched a sport since then? The HBO thing is a nice show, but its scripted and written for him…all he has to do is interview people, something he is good at. So if a NFL game was an interview process then Gumbel is your man, but it’s a play by play job and I am sorry but with all the talent the NFL Network has at its disposal its a shame they have such bad announcing team for the actual games.

For all those that complained that they can no longer get the NFL Network…be thankful you didn’t have it last night!

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