New Year Idea and 8 tips for tommorrow

December 31, 2007 | WNST Staff

With the head pounding hangover season coming to it’s conclusion tonight, here are some tips for you Tuesday morning.

1. HYDRATE- Booze is a diuretic, which means you lose lotsa water after an evening of partying. So gulp that water and sports drinks for relief, but NO COFFEE. The java will continue to dehydrate you..
2. NO TO HAIR OF THE DOG-Your only delaying the inevitable. Now a virgin mary drink is high in fructose and will help your body metabolize the booze.
3. SWEAT IT OUT- If you can handle a light run/walk it will increase your circulation, which gets the toxins out faster. But don’t over load, you will add to the dehydration process.
4. PAINKILLERS- Avoid Tylenol-acetamiophen. You have already done a number on you liver this could add to the damage. Ibruprophen and asprin could help but may cause tummy irritation.
5. SEX- Woo-hoo as long as the person next to you is still as attractive as they were at midnight, get your endorphins rolling. They reduce hangover symptoms.
6. VITAMINS- Booze depletes vitamins A-B-C- B6 so grab a glass of vitamin C rich Orange Juice and wash down some restoration.
7. FOOD- Try to avoid all things McAnything..Try eating an egg with the worlds perfect food, the banana will provide a natural antacid and the magnesium will relax those bulging blood vessels in your coconut.
8. SLEEP-Time is truly the only cure for the hangover ..

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