May 21, 2007 | WNST Interns

There’s nothing new about what Jason Giambi revealed. He stated baseball needed to come clean on the whole steroid issue. He seems to want the same thing that we all want. Closure.

For the longest time, we’ve all said that all we want is for someone to come forward and admit that they took the stuff. Giambi did that and said he was "wrong" for using the "stuff." For that, the Yankees and Major League Baseball want an investigation conducted. Now, we see why no one has come forward to admit they were using steroids.

MLB doesn’t want real closure to this because it will indict the entire league. Brian Cashman, the Yankees GM, was quick to take the defensive stance. This isn’t the first time Giambi has addressed the steroid issue in MLB. He sort of acknowledged being an offender before. Sort of. If the Yankees  wanted to do the right thing, they would have had an investigation then. But the minute Giambi includes all of MLB for being responsible, all parties turn on him.

I hate the Yankees. I tell you that all of the time. For that, I have a right to dislike Giambi. That aside, I see nothing wrong with what he did. The problem is clear and now obvious. MLB doesn’t want to accept responsibility, they just want to blame others. Move over Barry Bonds, make room for your new roommate, Jason Giambi.