News from 1 Winning Drive

November 21, 2007 | WNST Staff

The big news coming from Owings Mills today was Samari Rolle announcing that he has been dealing with epilepsy. Audio of Samari’s media session is up on the website in the audio vault. Here is a link to the article that Samari had in his locker and gave to members of the media about epilepsy.
The newest shirt making the rounds in the locker room is a Mike Flynn farewell tour t-shirt. The front of the shirt has a picture of Flynn on it with a MF logo similar to the Van Halen logo. On the back of the shirt it says 2007 Farewell Tour and has a list of all the dates and games of the Ravens season for this year. Apparently someone on the team had them made and Mike Flynn is not sure exactly who it is.
Ray Lewis provided over 600 families with: turkey, ham, vegetables, desserts, Frito Lay items, Girl Scout cookies, Vitamin Water, dry goods and personal care items. This is an annual event for Ray and just one of the many events that he does to help the community including distributing school supplies to kids each year.
Ed Reed, Bart Scott, Kyle Boller, and the Ravens running backs where all out in the community on Monday and Tuesday distributing food and serving food to needy families in the community.