NFL eats Pac Man… GOO

April 11, 2007 | WNST Interns

Pac Man Jones is gone for the year and Andrew and I couldn’t be happier. The guy’s a thug and a loser and we’re tired of athletes gone bad. I know Charles Barkley said “I’m not a role model”. Fine. But don’t be a criminal. Don’t be an idiot. Stop biting the hands that feed you and think that because you can run fast, hit hard or whatever it is that you do, we’re all supposed to sit back and chuckle while you break laws with complete disregard for the ramifications. Let Pac Man find Jesus or whatever the hell he has to do but I’m glad he’s done.  Andrew and I plan to put together a Criminal Sports Hall of Fame for the WNST site and Pac Man will be prominently featured.   Our busts will be a little different of course. They won’t be bronze, they’ll be “rap” sheets.  If you have any criminals you think should be in our Hall of Fame, email us at and we’ll include it in the list. For now, here’s a few to get started.

O.J Simpson-   The greatest of the great
Ron Artest
Ray Carruth
Mike Tyson
Lawrence Phillips
Maurice Clarett
Tonya Harding

Rule is they have to either be convicted or accused multiple times of things that are BAD. No DUI. Even though driving drunk is stupid and can lead to people dying, there’s too many to count and we only have so much space in the universe.

Now here’s someone who’s NOT a criminal….

I feel bad for Jack Tatum. I remember the hit that paralyzed Stingley and it was all football. Football players play a dangerous game where it’s “hit or get hit” and Tatum was simply doing what he did well.  He won’t apologize nor should he. Now Darryl Stingley is dead and, yes, the paralysis was a contributing factor but Tatum deserves respect for playing the game at a high level and should no longer be villified for actions taken on the field.