Nice night at the yard

July 25, 2007 | WNST Staff

So the Orioles finish off a great night with a 3-0 win over the D’Rays. It is the 1st time since 2004 that the Orioles have posted back to back shutouts.
A lot of the talk after the game was about the ceremony before the game and how special it was. Kevin Millar told me that he got to meet Brooks Robinson before the game, and Brooks said it was nice to meet Kevin. Kevin said no sir; it is a pleasure to meet you. As Kevin told me,” Brooks is the ultimate, it was nice to see those guys around and I hope they come around more often.”
Dave Trembley said there is” history and tradition here and we are trying to play up to it, not down to it.” I have to admit I was not sure what I thought about Dave when he got the job, but I have been impressed with him. The way he handles the media, the team, and everything that goes with being a manager, he has done a nice job.
I would not find a problem with it, if they gave him the job next season.
The one low point of the night came when I asked Dave Trembley what happened with Chris Gomez in the 8th when he was caught stealing. “That was bad baseball, plain and simple.” Trembley said he also told Gomez,” you’re lucky you didn’t just keep right on going right up those stairs.”
That was a play where if it had worked it would have been great, but it did not and Gomez looked really bad out there.
Overall a nice night at the yard, and the crowd was noticed by the players. If you were at the ballpark you enjoyed, and at least you did not have to listen to Dempsey during the game.