Nick Klopsis is embracing the normalcy of NFL Draft week

April 21, 2020 | WNST Audio

We were pleased to welcome Nick Klopsis of Newsday Sports for his annual check-in with Nestor ahead of the NFL Draft. Nick has been working from home during this coronavirus crisis and is embracing the distraction that the draft is providing.

“It’s a weird time, and you have to hope that eventually there will be some kind of normalcy restored,” Klopsis said. “In a way this NFL Draft for me has been a distraction – being able to dig into the film and do these mock drafts. At least something is going on that is somewhat close to what I’d be doing at any other time this year.”

Nick and Nestor would have a long chat about the draft and they also touched on whether there will actually be football played in 2020.

To hear Nick Klopsis’ full conversation with Nestor, listen here: