October 14, 2007 | WNST Interns

As of this Blog, it seems like it will be Kyle Boller under center against the Rams.

That being said … this is it for Mr. Boller. We have all seen Kyle “grow up” as a Raven. We have heard he was thrown into the fire, he didn’t have a mentor, he didn’t have the talent around him and he didn’t have an offensive line to protect him. Well, no more excuses.

1. He has had a year to watch and learn under Steve McNair.

2. He has McGahee, Mason, Heap, Clayton and Williams to throw to.

3. He has an young O-LINE that has only allowed 6 sacks in 5 games and have helped the run game average over 4.5 yards a carry.

So whether you are a supporter or a basher of Kyle Boller, lets get behind him! We may need him to lead the Ravens to victory this week!

BUT … win or lose … this is it for KYLE … no more excuses!

UPDATE: Ravens are being very tight lipped about the QB position … McNair is active. .. we will see if he starts.

UPDATE 2: KYLE BOLLER WILL START … let’s see no fumbles, no triping and less locking in on the first option … GO KYLE!