O! What a Night

June 28, 2007 | WNST Interns

I know it’s not that significant to the lost cause of the Orioles’ season, but for one night, it sure felt good to be a baseball fan in Baltimore.  Because nothing feels finer than beating the Yankees any time.  But especially in front of 20,000 of their arrogant, classless fans.

I went to last night’s game and was surrounded by them.  They are everywhere.  I must have seen ten Jeter jerseys for every Orioles jersey.  It really doesn’t disturb me anymore.  I expect this now.  After the past decade, who can blame us for staying away?  But I can’t help myself; it’s as if I’m drawn to Yankees games just to enjoy the spectacle of 300 pound middle aged guys stuffed into those hideous A-Rod jerseys.  And the opportunity to drop references to what $230 million dollars will buy in 2007: a mediocre ballclub that’s going to miss the playoffs just like us.

Believe me, I heard plenty of "You guys haven’t won s*#! for ten years.  You can’t trash us like that!  At least we win every year."  To which I cooly replied, "Eleven games back."  Or, "Johnny Damon.  Nice signing."  That was dropped after his two-run homer though.  Then it was, "Looking forward to beating Clemens tomorrow."  I’m telling you, these people never shut up, never stop arguing and apparently never shower.  It reinforced the real reason I’ve always hated the Yankees: their fans.

So I’m going to take a very different point of view from some of my colleagues here and urge you to go to one of these next two games.  Show those knuckle dragging guidos that you’re still here, that this is OUR town, OUR park and OUR team.  That you still care about the game of baseball, that the Orioles still matter to you and that you’re a fan who won’t stop loving them in spite of all their mismanagement.  It’s easy to bail out, to criticize constantly and to give up.  I’ve done it plenty.  But there comes a point when you’ve got to stand up for yourself, your city and your team.  Especially when those people are in town.

Look, we all know the Birds aren’t making the playoffs this year.  So make these Yankees and Red Sox games our personal playoffs.  Do some damage to their hopes and dreams for the postseason.  Show them you still care about beating them.  Because I’m telling you, the sweetest sound comes as you’re walking the streets around the ballpark, looking at all those ugly jerseys and hats after a nice little 3 – 2 win: The silence.