One Down – One More To Go?

October 05, 2007 | WNST Interns

So Jim Duquette has resigned as V.P. of the Baltimore Orioles, which begs the question: When does Mike Flanagan submit his resignation?

Remember, when Andy MacPhail came aboard as the Newest Guy in Charge of Baseball Operations, he said it was important for the organization to have "one voice" when it came to making personnel decisions.  At that time, I said it was imperative for the Orioles to stop the "duel G.M." arrangement and cede all operational power to MacPhail.  The ridiculous notion of two men sharing the power and responsibility that should be held in one job had to stop.  How insane is it for any business to pay two salaries for one position?  To say nothing of the distrust and discord that can only occur in said situation.  Keep in mind, no other franchise in MLB operates with twin G.M.s.  Know why?  Because it simply cannot work.  But doing something so inane is just "par for the course" when it comes to this ownership.

So now, whither Flanny? 

I certainly have no knowledge of the inner workings of the Warehouse, but from my perspective, Mike Flanagan is Exhibit A in the Oriole Way of Nepotism.  Nothing personal against Flanny, but it always seemed to me that he worked more as a conduit and public shield for Peter G.  From everything I’ve ever read or heard, he was never regarded as a personnel expert or a negiotiating whiz.  In fact, as witnessed this summer when the Birds were in Kansas City, it was Duquette who was sitting with Scott Boras during a game.  According to all the expert columnists found on the internet (Jayson Stark, Ken Rosenthal, et al.), it was always Duquette who did the organizational legwork on all trades, free agent signings, etc.  So if he’s out of the picture now, shouldn’t Flanagan be as well?

Who knows how or when it will go down.  But it must.  Mike Flanagan must either be "re-assigned" within the front office or not so subtly asked to leave.  Really, what value does he bring to the table now that it’s clear that MacPhail is really going to be that "one voice"?  Again, nothing personal against Flanny here.  But the days of wasting payroll, both on the field and in the front office, are coming to a screeching halt.  And the best part about it?

It makes me interested to follow the Birds this offseason.  Uh-oh.  For the eleventh straight year.  But I’m not going to mix up a pitcher of Orange Kool-Aid yet.  Not until we wave goodbye to lots of players, as well as one more Co-G.M.