Orioles On FM Radi

April 04, 2007 | WNST Interns

Uh-oh…. Bedard gets rocked! Can that be a good thing? Sure it’s a little early to make any judgements but if your number one day starter is going to be erratic and sometimes implode, you have problems. Paul Bako got the late call to start behind the plate and word is the communication between he and Bedard wasn’t particularly good. In my opinion, that’s a poor excuse. On the upside, it was good to see Aubrey Huff contribute and Tejada send one into the seats.  Btw, it’s going to be a long time before I get used to listening to baseball games on FM radio. The Orioles game was overproduced to the extreme. I was hearing sounds coming out of my car radio that were distracting, annoying and unnecessary. Sounds like the guys over at that “other” station are trying hard to slickify a game that’s meant to tell its own story. I don’t like Fox television’s baseball coverage for the same reason. Too many “whoosh” sounds and “clacks” and “bangs”.  Maybe they’re trying to grab the youth audience. Well let’s face it, a kid’s gonna come to baseball because he learns of its tradition, its purity and its excitement, not because you play Linkin Park music while doing the highlights. Everyone comes to baseball eventually. Just give ’em time.

I was right about the Angels last night and also bet both Florida and the OVER in the championship game.  There was no way Ohio State could pull off that upset. Experience wins the big one every time and pretty much every player on the Seminoles, including the mascot, hit double figures. I think the towel boy even hit a tre. Except Noah. Good. I don’t like him and he’s not going to make a good pro. However Greg Oden WILL.  The kid played dynamite last night pouring in 25 points and grabbing 12 rebounds. He was unstoppable. Oh, and is it just me, or does Oden look like he’s 50 years old? He looks older than Robert Parrish for crying out loud!  It’s like he’s got that Star Trek disease where they all go to the planet and start rapidly aging. Yeah, it’s the one where McCoy finds the cure and Kirk does a bad job acting.

Tonight you should bet on the Mets over St. Louis. El Duque takes the mound against Kip Wells. Wells was traded away by the Pirates last year and LOVES to give up home runs. The Mets are hungry to win it all and Hernandez is usually a solid early starter. You’re gonna be able to get New York at about a “pick em”. So there’s a good value… Name another blogger who puts money in your pocket? Unless I lose. Then you can send your hate email to fightingungers@wnst.net