Orioles Opening Da

April 11, 2007 | WNST Interns

I wanted to be excited about the Orioles win yesterday. I really did.
It’s Opening Day and to me that matters. As a matter of fact, Opening
Day is so important to me that I capitalize the words “Opening Day”. I
was raised to care about baseball and to support the local team; which
I’ve done for nearly thirty years. But I can’t be excited because I’m
on the new WNST site and reading about press credentials being revoked
and lies being told by the Orioles organization. Let me make this
clear. You DO NOT revoke media credentials for any member of a news
organization unless you have “just cause” and that cause should never include
negative coverage. Never. Can you imagine if the White House began
refusing media credentials to journalists who painted Bush’s Iraq policy in
a less than flattering light? Or banned reporters from asking questions
that might be considered provocative or confrontational? Of course the
Orioles aren’t the U.S government and Peter Angelos is entitled to deny
credentials to anyone he damn well pleases. However, being entitled
doesn’t make it right… or smart.

I’ve only known the guys at WNST for a short time but I know how
passionate they are, or once were, about the Orioles. Have things gone too
far at times? I don’t know. It’s not my job to know. I know that Andrew
and I would love to do some funny, interesting stuff involving the
Orioles, particularly the lesser known figures like travel secretaries and
clubhouse attendants. Someone has to be the one who sends the Bird’s
costume out to be cleaned, right? Well that’s the person we want to talk
to and we can’t because Angelos won’t let us. I hope this insanity
ends. I hope that Peter Angelos and Co. respect and appreciate the fact
that WNST is growing and that our voices count. I’ll stack up anyone at
the station against any member of the “Preferred Club”. If we can’t
talk to players or get any access at all, we’ll just keep ROARING until
we do.

Didn’t make it to the game yesterday or down to The Wharf Rat (sorry
guys, comedy was calling and I had to head to a gig) but I saw that
Cabrera pitched great and got the win. That helps me in my fantasy league
too. At least I think it does. I’m not sure. See, I made the mistake of
becoming league commissioner for “The Fighting Ungers” baseball league
and I’ve spent so much time ironing out difficulties amongst the owners
and trying to figure out how to use the Yahoo software that I haven’t
had a second to figure out my team… or scoring… or anything. This
sucks! Fantasy baseball is supposed to be fun. Right now I’m having
about as much fun as John McCain had in the Hanoi Hilton. Okay, maybe
that’s a major exaggeration but, I’m tellin’ ya, I’ve made all the
adjustments I plan to make… Except I still need a relief pitcher who can give me some saves!