Orioles vs. ’81 Colt

June 16, 2007 | WNST Interns

I know, the the 1982 Baltimore Colts did not win one game in the strike-shortened season, but I believe the 1981 Colts’ experience was horrible. The be honest, I was only 10, and I was a Dallas Cowboys fan, but I pulled for the Colts because they were my home team.

The Colts began the season with a 29-28 slugfest of a win over the New England Patriots. While we were all pretty nervous about the team struggling against a bad team such as the Pats’, we felt pretty good about the Colts offensive output and had reason to believe the team would at least be able to score.

Well, not only did a 14 game losing streak follow that game, but the team only scored over 20 points in three of those games. So, not only was the team bad, they weren’t even entertaining.

So, that brings me to our Barber Shop topic. With the Orioles current struggles, what team is the least entertaining team in Baltimore sports history. Maybe, neither. Maybe you have another selection. E-mail me at rob@wnst.net.