Our New Show On WN

April 02, 2007 | WNST Interns

Marc Unger here… Excited about our new show here at WNST! Andrew and I are actually starting to watch sports… Kidding! We’re sports freaks but also gambling freaks.. Smart ones though. We don’t blow our money on bad bets and believe we’ve got something unique to offer all of you loyal WNST listeners. Our Sat 9am-11am show will be filled with sports talk, wagering talk and the kind of stuff we B.S about as brothers sitting in bars or home stuffing our faces with dried out turkey on Thanksgiving day.  We want your stories, bad bets you’ve made, dumb things you’ve done at casinos and we want to get you on the air.  We think you’ll find our perspective on things is a little different. If Tony LaRussa wants to go out, get drunk and pass out behind the wheel of his SUV we say “Great!” Now how can we skewer this genius of baseball who clearly isn’t smart enough to hire someone to drive him around? Look for things like our GREATEST “DUI” BASEBALL TEAM OF ALL TIME. Let’s talk about the weird, the twisted, the insanity that CAN be local and national sports. Yes, we’ll talk Orioles baseball, Ravens football and cover all the other local teams but we’re gonna have some EDGE. And we promise to keep it informative and funny.  Check back to this blog regularly for insanity, mayhem and a point of view that’s a bit on the dark side.