Pac Man Jones PLUS Things in Life That Are Overrated

August 11, 2007 | WNST Interns

On tomorrow morning’s show Andrew and I plan to cover a lot of college football, the Ravens, the Orioles recent moves and Pacman’s foray into pro wrestling.  Great move Adam.  No, really, I mean is there a better way to show the NFL that you really care about your image and want to clean things up than by stepping into the ring with a bunch of juiced up maniacs?  But, hey, I would imagine quite a few of the women in pro wrestling know their way around a stripper’s pole so at least he has that to look forward to.

You can read about Pac Man’s latest attempt to sound like he’s not a jerk right here Clearly he’s a man who should never be allowed to open his mouth in public.



As some of you know, each week Andrew and I call a horse race in which the horse’s names are all based on a theme.  This week all the horses will be named for things in life we think are overrated-  people, places, food etc.

As we started coming up with names the list grew quickly and we’re going to have it to pare it down to around 10-12 for tomorrow morning.  However we thought we’d share the list with you.  So here it is…

Saving Private Ryan

Dirk Nowitzki

Morgan Freeman

New Years EVe

Superbowl parties

potato salad

Al Pacino

Making Snowmen


Your mom’s cooking


citizen Kane



showering with your mate

Shrimp Cocktail

Kurt Warner


Being "one" with nature


Bluetooth technology


Stevie Ray Vaughn

The Grand Canyon

Blues Music


Andy Warhol

The "Golden Age" of Television

Princess DI

We’ll have it trimmed by tomorrow.  If you have any suggestions for future horse race themes or any other comments send them to