Patriots Seahawks and random thoughts from the NFL’s Conference Championship games

January 20, 2015 | Dennis Koulatsos

Make no mistake about it – the right teams, the deserving teams will be meeting in the Super Bowl on February 1, 2015. I couldn’t disagree more with Aaron Rodgers’ statement, that the Packers were “the better team.” To that I say “Scoreboard.” As the great Bill The Tuna Parcells would say, you are what your record says you are, and for the Green Bay Packers, they are the second best team in the NFC. No shame in that, but they are not the better team. They lost to the Seahawks twice this year, and couldn’t put them away in Sunday’s conference championship game. The reasons they didn’t get it done were multiple – getting field goals instead of touchdowns, not taking full advantage of great field position all game long, the misplayed ball on the two point conversion in the end zone, the onside kick, the fake field goal, and finally the defense breaking down in the overtime period. Mike McCarthy played it too conservative, too close to the vest. Fourth and inches on the goal line, and he took the sure points. He inserted James Starks in to the game to run down the clock, and left bruising Ed Lacy on the bench. All of these things factored into the Packers’ loss. 

When looking back at the second game, the AFC Conference matchup, the one word that comes to mind is “overmatched.” The Colts simply lacked the firepower to go toe to toe with the New England Patriots. They couldn’t run the ball, and they couldn’t stop the run. That is a recipe for disaster when you’re still playing in January. The other take away was Tom Brady still throwing the ball deep while “nursing” a  37 point lead, with just under 6 minutes left in the game. Way to keep it classy Patriots.

But I digress. I cringe every time someone brings up the Lee Evans “drop.” Twitterverse in particular couldn’t let it go. I’ve watched that play dozens of times, and Evans absolutely did not drop the ball. The defensive back – who’s name I’ve purposefully deleted from memory and quite frankly don’t care to look it up – made a great play. He stuck his hand in there and knocked the ball out of Evans’ hands. My only question is had it been Brady to Welker rather than Flacco to Evans, would the referees signaled a touchdown? Guess we’ll never know the answer to that one. But there’s no guessing that it is time to move on from the Evans play.

The other thing that us Ravens fans should not say is that – had we defeated the Patriots – we could have rolled through the Colts or the Broncos. Saying that taints the great effort the team put forth in Foxboro, and diminishes the accomplishments of the teams that moved past them in the post season tournament. The Ravens came oh so close, but they didn’t get it done. It’s time to give credit to the Patriots, Bill Belichik and Tom Brady. They’re chasing their 4th Super Bowl Ring together, to add to Belichik’s 2 that he won as defensive coordinator for those Parcell led Giants teams.

Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll are going after their 2nd Super Bowl ring, and are of course trying to accomplish the feat of doing it in back to back seasons. It should truly be a great matchup in Glendale, Arizona between these two teams, that – among other things – feature power running games, while neither one has a wide receiver that was drafted in the first two rounds of the NFL draft. Should be a dandy.