Peter Kjome says the BSO is bringing music to our homes during coronavirus shutdown

April 14, 2020 | WNST Audio

It was an honor having Peter Kjome, President and CEO of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, on for a Baltimore Positive chat with Nestor and Don Mohler. The BSO is a Baltimore institution and they continue to be a source of entertainment even during these difficult times.

“We have had to cancel concerts due to this pandemic, and at the same time, we’ve still been able to perform some great music and bring it to people in their homes,” Kjome said.

The BSO has also been able to continue their OrchKids program during the shutdown.

“One of the inspiring things that’s been happening during this crisis is we that we have still been doing music lessons, but we are doing them online,” Kjome said. “So those young people who are at home because of all these health issues that we’re dealing with are still getting their music lessons every week.”

Peter would go on to update everyone on how the BSO is adapting during these times, their plan once things get back to normal, and their exciting vision for the coming years in Charm City. He also shed light into how the BSO generates revenue and how important it is for our local community to support them, now more than ever.

To hear Peter Kjome’s full Baltimore Positive chat with Nestor and Don, listen here: