Please, Anything but the Orioles… When’s Football Already

June 25, 2007 | WNST Interns

I’ve got a rope around my neck and I’m standing on a chair.  If you make me talk about the Orioles I’m kicking it out and swinging.  I’m done for awhile.  I need a break.  I know we’re all Orioles fans and this stuff is supposed to matter but I just need a rest.  Is Trembley the right guy for the job?  I don’t care today.  Did Gibbons find his stroke? Dunno.  Is Bedard healthy?  Call his doctor.  The team still isn’t any good and I’m jonesing for football.  Any kind.  College, pro, high school- hell, I’ll break down the Reisterstown Rec League if you want. 

Just no baseball talk…

So… what about the Ravens?  How good is this football team?

The three keys to the season are:

1) McNair MUST stay healthy and, with a year in the system, perform just a bit better than he did last year.  Red zone efficiency was a big problem in ’06 and with a much- I mean MUCH- tougher schedule this year the offense is going to need all the points it can get.

2) The offensive line must perform.  What’s Ogden have left?  What kind of a fit can Grubbs be?  This is the weak link, folks.  Remember, you can bring in a running back like McGahee but you better open up some holes.  He’s got speed and power but isn’t an improvisational runner the way Barry Sanders was or Tiki Barber.  He needs his line to do its job.  And, of course, let’s never forget that McNair is always just a hit away from having Kyle Boller take his place.  We don’t want that, right?  Noooooooo.

3) Defensively, word is the team won’t miss a step from last year.  That’s the word.  But is it true?  We keep hearing that Adalius Thomas’ skills won’t be missed.  Are we sure?  I mean, the guy brought a lot to the table.  Last year the Ravens had incredible defensive numbers but let’s not forget they played the Steelers twice, Browns twice, Bengals twice, Raiders, Falcons (with a struggling Vick) and the Bills.  That’s a lot of stinko offenses.  And that speaks to the biggest concern of the upcoming season, the schedule.

Sep 10 @Cincinnati 7:00pm   

Sep 16 N.Y. Jets 4:15pm   
Sep 23 Arizona 1:00pm   
Sep 30 @Cleveland 1:00pm   
Oct 7 @San Francisco 4:15pm   
Oct 14 St. Louis 1:00pm   
Oct 21 @Buffalo 1:00pm   
Week 8 BYE     
Nov 5 @Pittsburgh 8:30pm   
Nov 11 Cincinnati 4:05pm   
Nov 18 Cleveland 1:00pm   
Nov 25 @San Diego 4:15pm   
Dec 3 New England 8:30pm   
Dec 9 Indianapolis 8:15pm   
Dec 16 @Miami 1:00pm   
Dec 23 @Seattle 4:15pm   
Dec 30 Pittsburgh 1:00pm

The Steelers may be a little better this year.  The Browns WILL be improved offensively, as should the Bengals (provided Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson don’t commit a bank robbery) and this year the Ravens have to play the high octane offenses of the NFC West.  That means Arizona, San Francisco (much improved), the Rams and Seattle.  Throw the Colts and New England into the mix and you have the makings of a potential disaster.

On our show a couple of weeks ago, I said the Ravens are the third best team in the league.  They are.  For now.  But the difference between 12-4 and 9-7 are just a couple of West Coast trips and a home loss away.

Man, it feels so good not to talk about the Orioles. 

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