Please stop talking about the WWE…PLEASE!!!

July 12, 2007 | WNST Interns

I have had enough. As some know..many don’t…my real job is that of a political consultant…therefore I watch a lot of CNN, MSNBC and FOX NEWS. Well just about every talking head around has a story during their show on the WWE and the Chris Benoit tragedy. On each of these shows they will have some current or former wrestler speak on the issue…and steroids and how they are bad….well I have taken all I can take and I canst takes it no more.

Lets’ go over some points:

1.       Wrestling is fake…so is Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny but I don’t seem to see a shortage of fat guys every December…get over it…it’s a show…its entertainment…they call it sports entertainment…they admit it’s a show…hell JOHN CENA was on Larry King Monday night and said so…

2.       If you have an ax to grind with the WWE…please stay off TV…Mark Mero (Johnny B Badd, who was married to Sable) looks like a plastic surgeon made a horrible mistake. He is on MSNBC nightly complaining about his friends are dying and the WWE does nothing about it. Hey Mark…why not tap your so called friends on the shoulder and tell them to stop killing themselves if you are so worried about them. Stop blaming everyone else for a person’s choice. Same goes for Lex Luger and Hulk Hogan…and I know what I am about to type is sacrilege, but if it was not for steroids Hulk Hogan would never have existed. As for Lex Luger…you were the luckiest man in the world that Ric Flair threw you a bone 20 some years ago…both of you should thank your lucky star that there was/is a WWE and that Vince McMahan is a Billionaire.

3.       Now the talking heads want to point out that the WWE lost a million viewers over the past few weeks…and this is the beginning of the end for the WWE…get a clue! I am as big a wrestling fan as there is and I had a problem watching the last few weeks…the people will be back once this is all a distant memory, but it’s tough to keep answering the same questions over and over again for the kids that watch the WWE…so I am sure many parents kept themselves and their kids away…which is a great call…but the WWE goes up and down always has…always will…stop trying to be a WWE expert is 15 minutes…you just look stupid.

4.       Nancy Grace needs to go away…I would write more on this subject…but please try to watch her for 5 minutes sometime….you will understand…how she sleeps at night is beyond me.

Man that felt good…lets’ review…WWE is a show, a soap opera if you will…it is not real…I hate Hulk Hogan more now,  then before and Mark Mero looks like he is so hung up on Sable dumping him, he is now trying to look like her….

Back to fantasy football….Training camps start within a week in some places and for the Ravens in 2 weeks…some advice…pay attention to trainings camps…you will learn all you need to know about a team and who is going to be a breakout star this year. Remember Marques Colston…know who he was before week 2 last year? I did! Why? Because I paid attention to training camp! So I took a flyer and drafted him…and told all who would listen to do the same….those people made some money last year…did you?

Thanks for reading and have a good night.


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