Post Game Quick Hits…

September 30, 2007 | WNST Interns

There are some inescapable realities about this year’s Ravens following today’s debacle in Cleveland.

Five offensive touchdowns in four games just won’t cut it.  Not in any league.

The Ravens are currently 0-2 in the AFC North.  Looks like I was wrong about my preseason prediction of 5-1 in the division.

The defense sorely misses Trevor Pryce and Samari Rolle.  Teams are looking Corey Ivy’s way frequently, and with good reason.  He’s not Chris McAllister.  But Chris McAllister wasn’t all there today either.

I like the receivers in general, but we can’t seem to get the deep ball going.  Mason is really good on the underneath stuff though.

Where is Bart Scott?  Where is the pass rush?  This is becoming a major concern….

Off to watch Cards-Steelers.  The Ravens could be 2 back in another 3 hours…Uh-oh….

I say start KB next Sunday regardless of McNair’s health.  Gotta start opening up the deep passing lanes, and I don’t believe McNair’s got the arm strength left…

More later after I sort all this garbage out in my head….

Why did I play the Houston D this week?  Ugh…