Post game thoughts:Two issues from the game, One major one after the game

October 21, 2007 | WNST Staff

          Did you really find out anything about Jonathan Ogden with only having him out there for four or five plays? Doesn’t make much sense to me.
          2nd & 1, 3rd&1, 4th&1, and you throw the ball all three times? Doesn’t make much sense to me
          Do you realize how valuable Chris McAlister is to this defense?
          Ok, this one is for a couple of fellow media members, and yes I am going to put this in bold letters: STOP SAYING THAT THE RAVENS WENT TO WAR……They did not get on a military plane and get dropped off in the middle of a foreign country, not sure if and or when they would ever come back home. Last time I checked, all the Ravens are going to get on a plane, leave Buffalo, eat a great meal, and be back in their nice homes and with their families later tonight. You can’t say that for the thousands and thousands of men and women serving our country.  For the two of you on the MASN post game show that kept referencing the Ravens “ going to war”, let me invite you to take a look at what real “warriors”,” soldiers”, who went to war look like, and o by the way all these people did not come back home. Look I know what you mean, but show a little respect and take five more minutes to think of something other to say than that. There is not much that gets me absolutely irate, but when I hear people carelessly use that term as it relates to football I become livid. I know a big part of it is because of the six plus years that I did in the military and the respect that I have for those people doing it.
          Nothing personal, just think before you say it. Ok, now I will get off of my soap box and back to my television.