Racing To A Cause …

April 19, 2007 | WNST Interns

Following Monday’s tragic events at Virginia Tech, the Washington Nationals displayed a heartfelt gesture of humanity, by sporting VT caps, during Tuesday’s game. It was nice to hear the ‘Nats heeded a fan’s input in fulfilling this symbolic endeavor. Such acts of kindness, directed at supporting fellow Americans during times of crisis simply defines patriotism.

So, with Wednesday’s news that NASCAR will recognize these tragic events and pay tribute to the victims is resonating within the sports community. Be assured, this is not a vain attempt by the “good ‘ole boys” to garner public support. NASCAR has a storied reputation of supporting our nation in coping with tragedy and loss.

For the next three weeks, all racecars will display VT symbols. I sense this act by NASCAR has an awful lot to do with its rooted tradition and presence in the area surrounding Blacksburg. NASCAR is a big deal in southwestern Virginia, and numerous drivers call this area “home”.

These acts of recognition by pro sports entities seem to rally people to a cause. I’m certainly not suggesting that we sit back and judge “who did what” to recognize this tragedy. It’s simply heartening to see pro athletes put others first, especially in the light of sadness and loss.