Ralph Friedgen must go!

November 18, 2007 | WNST Interns

A good many people continue to call for Maryland head coach Ralph Friedgen to be fired. The heart-wrenching ACC is proving to be too unsafe for those with short memories and the dread of instability.

Enough already. Fire Friedgen! Fire Billick! Fire Perlozzo! What has become of this so-called sports town called Baltimore? A good many people continue to call for Friedgen to step down after every Terrapin loss and it is insane. How old were some of you when Maryland spent the entire decade of the ’90s watching (or not watching) Maryland stumble and bumble through season after season of misery. No bowls for ten straight years.

In all honesty, I too have questioned some of Ralph’s offensive play calling this year. We would not be true sports fans if we didn’t second-guess coaches from our recliner. OK, he needs to hire an offensive coordinator even if he still wishes to call the plays. But understand that seven or more ACC teams are going to finish with five or more losses this season barring huge upsets over Georgia and Florida next weekend. The whole league is struggling to break through the parity. But this is no reason to call for the head of a coach that has taken this Terrapin team so far past not going to bowls for ten seasons.

So Baltimore is not alone. Heck, many wanna-be Tallahassee clowns are still calling for Bobby Bowden to step down. This year will be the 26th straight bowl game he has taken the Seminoles to and yet it’s not good enough for some. This new sports age of “what have you done for me lately” is out of control. It’s sickening.

Poor QBs have haunted this Maryland team the last four seasons. All things considered, I am fairly happy with a young Chris Turner however. He was definitely off the mark today on too many occasions. The Terps killed themselves in Tallahassee with way too many mistakes at crucial moments. INCONSISTENCY! But again, that is what the ACC as a whole has become. The results have gotten so bad that the entire country will now have to suffer through a Boston College (and their 1,000 fans they will travel to Jacksonville for the ACC Championship Game) vs. one of the Virginia teams in a title game snooze-fest nobody cares about outside of Beantown and Ole Virginny. It will be worse than Wake Forest and Georgia Tech playing there last season. How a hot Clemson team lost that game to the struggling and injured Boston College Eagles at home on senior night with everything on the line is almost unfathomable, yet not uncommon. Welcome to the new ACC!