Random Thoughts and NFL Picks

November 03, 2007 | WNST Interns

…Are coordinators the most underrated coaches in all of sports? As we approach the halfway point for most teams, I think the two most disappointing “halfs” of NFL teams so far are the offense of the 49ers and the defense of the Bears. Maybe the losses of Norv Turner (49ers offensive coordinator) and Ron Rivera (Bears defensive coordinator) were much bigger than people would have thought since both of these teams were expected to compete for playoff spots and right now neither are close.
…If the Sec is far and away the greatest conference in college football, as every expert will tell you, then why don’t they play ANYONE from outside their conference? Seriously, look at the schedules and results. Other than LSU’s pasting of VA Tech, the entire SEC has beaten NO ONE out of conference. While Mississippi State played West Virginia, Tennessee went to Cal, and Florida closes with Florida State, you’d be hard pressed to find any other games that were even supposed to be challenges. And don’t give me Auburn versus South Florida, and Mississippi against Missouri. These teams may have turned out to be good, but my guess is that they were scheduled because they were thought to be easy wins.
Look at the Pac Ten for example. These schedules are riddled with names like Ohio State, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Nebraska. There are even three Pac Ten teams that play Notre Dame (USC, UCLA and Stanford). This year that looks like nothing, but historically if you want and easy win you schedule Florida International, not the Fighting Irish.
I’m not saying that the Pac Ten is better and I’m not saying that the SEC is worse, but if the Southeastern conference is so undeniably strong then you would think that they would want to step out of conference at some point and show it?
…Without and injury to Manning or Brady, the rest of the NFL will view the second half of the season like NCAA teams view making the big dance. Some teams, like Cleveland, Tennessee and Detroit would just love to get a bid. Some other teams, especially those in the NFC, will be hoping to survive the first weekend and maybe make the final four. But right now nobody, I mean nobody, really thinks that they can play with the big two. Not if they’re healthy.
….I blogged a few weeks back that I thought Andy Reid wouldn’t make the season. If they lose to the Cowboys on Sunday night, Phily’s year is all but over. I think Andy Reid’s will be as well, not matter what he said up until now.

As far as my NFL picks for the week…..there are none. I don’t deserve to make any! After starting 13-4 I’ve gone 7-20. You can flip coins and do better. So, at least for now, I’m on hiatus. Matt Bender will be supplying the picks. Follow at your own risk.