Randy Hymes and Ray Lewi

June 13, 2007 | WNST Staff

Former Raven Randy Hymes was cut by the Minnesota Vikings on today. Randy had signed with the Vikings after a brief stint with the Jaquars.
Randy was a very interesting guy when he was here with the Ravens. One of the funnier moments was when Randy in his final year here with the Ravens showed up to the OTA practices wearing purple tights, which created a running joke that the reason he looked so good in practice was because no one wanted to get close to him.
Randy would always have a running debate with Travis Taylor as to who was the better basketball player.
So a couple of days ago I wrote about Ray Lewis and he almost signed a deal with TNA for a PPV. I am still trying to touch base with a couple of people to find out what ended up being the reason that Ray backed out of it. Was it money? Did the Ravens find out? Did the NFL find out?
Say what you want, that would have been pretty entertaining to see Ray wrestling Frank Wycheck.