Rants & Raves From My Couch

October 25, 2007 | WNST Interns

Rant:   Why is there such a lag between games during the baseball playoffs?  What didn’t Bud Selig  want to miss Dancing with the Stars?  Let’s get this over before Thanksgiving.  Thanks to this decision; unfortunately, I think the Rockies have been off too long and will lose in five.
Rave:  Jarret Johnson has done an excellent job since replacing Adalius Thomas.  He might not be the all around athlete that AD was.  But, his motor doesn’t stop, and he is excellent vs. the run.  He also didn’t cost $17 million in signing bonus.
Rant:  Memo to ESPN:  Enough with the Joe Torre mela drama.  You know sports nation does extend beyond Boston and New York. Cover it, but don’t obsess with it.  
Rave:  I like what I have seen out of Maryland quarterback Chris Turner.  He has a good arm, pocket presence, and seems to have the confidence of his teammates.  With a few more games under his belt, it seems like Ralph Friedgen has found his man.
Rant:  When are these idiots in college football going to junk this BCS foolishness and put in a real playoff system? I don’t care if its four, eight or 16 teams; let’s get it done. Let’s just have a playoff.  It works in every other sport–college or pro. Don’t give me this baloney about academics.  If that was so important you wouldn’t play games on Wednesday and Thursday night. Think March Madness!
Rave:  ESPN College Game Day is the best pre-game show in sports. First of all it’s live at the site.   Chris Fowler, Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit have incredible chemistry, the stories are well produced, and they cover the entire nation.  Plus, the college crowds outside provide some great passion and enthusiasm.
Rant:  Can ex-players and certain members of the media please stop calling the University of Miami "The U."  Nicknames like this are reserved for teams that are actually good.  Not  this bunch of underachievers that lost by 38 to Oklahoma and then almost lost to Duke.  Miami is a sad representation of what it once was and is now just another team waiting to have its season made by going 7-5 with an invitation to the Independence Bowl.  Arrogance and chest bumping is reserved for top 10 teams.  
Rave:  Some time in the weight room and a little more game experience could make the Ravens young offensive line special in the next couple of years.  The  tackles of Yanda, Gaither and Terry show real potential.  Ben Grubbs look like a guy who will spend many February’s in Hawaii at the Pro Bowl. Jason Brown is already solid.  Be patient with this group, fans; the talent is here for something good.
Rant:  I am not upset about Kevin Millar throwing out the first pitch in Boston.  What I am upset about is that the only pitch anyone with the Orioles has thrown in postseason play in the last 10 years is Kevin Millar’s ceremonial first pitch on Sunday.