Ravens and Free the Birds

September 20, 2007 | Ed Frankovic

Here’s some random sports thoughts on a Wednesday night in September:

– Watching the Ravens game in Section 113 (the end zone) last Sunday I can honestly remember not seeing a whole lot of holes for Willis McGahee to run through so for him to get 97 yards on 26 carries is a testament to his solid running ability. McGahee takes what he is given and tries to make the most of it. The offensive line did a good job in pass protection and QB Kyle Boller helped out by showing some of the best pocket presence in his career. I am hoping that as this young o-line matures we start seeing some bigger holes for Willis, Musa Smith, and Mike Anderson to run through. To go deep in the playoffs you need a solid running game.

– Much has been made of the near 4th quarter collapse on Sunday and many Ravens fans have been overly-critical of the team. As usual the Baltimore Sun has been out in front with the criticism. I find it hard to believe that one of their 5 cause for concerns in the paper the other day was "play-calling" and they categorized it as a medium concern. Are you kidding me?? What do those guys over there know about play-calling? They have 0 games of coaching experience in the NFL. The biggest concern this team has right now is injuries and penalties.

– As for the fans at the game, and I was one of them, I have to give our loudness grade a C-, at best. The Jets came in with a first time starter and the fans allowed them to run a no-huddle offense for most of the game. Hey fans: Quit criticizing the team and start looking in the mirror. You let down just as much if not more than the players during that game. Let’s turn that complaining into yelling and screaming while the defense is on the field. Matt Leinhart better not be able to come into M&T on Sunday and run a no-huddle offense, especially with the quality of people he has at the skill positions (E. James, Fitzgerald, and Boldin).

– New England is 2-0 and have looked like world beaters. So what does that get them?? The lead in the AFC East and nothing else. The playoffs are 4 months away. Randy Moss has not started complaining yet and they have been injury free so far. Let’s see how they handle adversity. After all the 2000 Ravens didn’t score a TD for 5 weeks, the 2005 Steelers lost 3 games in a row due to injuries, and the Colts defense was horrible most of last year due to injuries. The common thread among those teams is they overcame their difficulties, got healthy, and came together as a team at the right time and went on to win it all. The Ravens are facing a lot of adversity right now with some major injuries and they managed to beat a playoff team last week so let’s all wise up and not jump off the ledge just yet. I said it once and I’ll say it again: IT IS A LONG SEASON. The key is to stay healthy and constantly improve.

– I plan on attending Free the Birds 2 on Monday night. I’ve been to ZERO O’s games this year. My last game was Free the Birds. I’ll be wearing my FTB shirt and sitting up in the upper deck. I don’t think we need to walk out at any set time or do anything fancy. We just need to show up, show some passion, voice our displeasure in a polite way and enjoy the night — although I’m up for anything in good taste. A few O-R-I-O-L-E-S chants in honor of the late Wild Bill Hagy should definitely be on the agenda. What baseball has become in this town is just horrible and I see no hope of it changing as long as Angelos owns the team. Fans around here would put up with losing for a few more years and start going to the games if they knew there was hope but the only way that will happen is if the team is sold. There is no other way out at this point. Where is that someone who can make Angelos an offer he can’t refuse??