Ravens review … my take

November 19, 2007 | WNST Interns

Some random thoughts on this week’s result and the rest of the season:

1. The refs got the call right! For all the complaining most fans do about officials and refs … we all usually say the same thing …”they need to get it right”. Well they did and that is all we can ask.

2. I am offically tired of the Ravens throwing the ball on second, third and fourth-and-1 … done with it … want a reason we lost … 46 seconds or so left … second-and-1, pass … third-and-1, pass … fourth-and 1, kick a FG … I have heard others’ opinions, but you have to make the other team use their timeouts … and if they don’t call timeout you kick a FG with 10 seconds left not 35. Then kicking to Cribbs does not matter.

3. The Defense: They gave up 33! The Ravens scored 30 and lost a game … unreal … with this defense? I know injuries this and injuries that, but the DEFENSE did not make a play when they needed to … period! We do not get enough pressure on the QB this year and the secondary is just a mess because of injuries.

4. Ray, Bart and others not talking to the media … I agree with them … in fact … don’t talk the rest of the year, because your story is getting old …

5. Kyle Boller: Played like Kyle Boller … he proved to me he is a backup QB. He is inconsistent, still does not have a great feel for the game, but will make a great throw or play a great quarter that makes you think he can be the QB this team needs in the future. Well he is not … he played the 32nd ranked defense in the league, let’s not throw him a parade. He played a good fourth quarter … he made some great throws, but he also was terrible in the first half.

6. The O-LINE is still for the most part young … but someone please wake Adam Terry and Chris Chester up earlier next week.

7. Special teams: 300-plus yards from Josh Cribbs … It was obvious by halftime that we could not contain him … so why — as many have asked — do we still kick the ball to him? Yes a squib kick most likely still puts the ball on or around the 35 or 40, but maybe not.

I said it last week … I will echo it again this week … I WANT TO FINISH 4-12!!!

I want to see entertaining games and 100% effort like we saw on Sunday the rest of the year … I want to see use play NE and INDY as tough as anyone has all year … but ultimately I want to lose. I want a high draft pick! 6-10, 7-9 or 8-8 does not get us in the playoffs … so why not play hard close games and fall just short … as a fan I can say that.