Ravens Review- You All Need to LIGHTEN UP!

September 18, 2007 | WNST Interns

The Ravens played great football on Sunday.  We can dissect mistakes all day long if we choose to but does it make any sense?  I mean do you all just love the sound of your own voices so much you actually believe, for a second, you know an IOTA as much as Brian Billick and his staff does?

You don’t.

I’ve been listening to my fellow WNST hosts field angry calls all day long.

"Why’d Billick throw late in the fourth quarter when we needed to run down the clock?"

"We should’ve buried that team!  How did we let them back into the game?"

"Boller looked good in the first half but he couldn’t put the final nail in the coffin!"

… Or words to that effect.  Listen closely everyone.  The Ravens beat the stuffing out of a team that made the playoffs last year.  I saw guys blitzing from all directions.  I saw an efficiently run offense systematically march down the field.  I saw a much maligned quarterback play like maybe he deserves to start somewhere.  I saw a young, patchwork offensive line open holes and provide Boller with the time to make the throws when he had to. 

Let’s all try and understand something.  The Ravens ARE NOT a blowout team.  Personally, I figured the score would be 19-6.  I was wrong by, basically, one touchdown.  If you think the Ravens are the New England Patriots, you’re nuts.  They’re not.  They play hard-nosed, ugly football sometimes but they win.  And they keep winning.  Unless you bet the Ravens minus the ten points you have absolutely nothing to gripe about.  The Ravens are 1-1. 

Oh, and why did Billick choose to throw when maybe he could’ve run some more time off the clock?  Because he saw something he liked.  He saw an opportunity to finish the Jets off once and for all.  It didn’t work out.  The pass was incomplete stopping the clock.  But, personally, I’d rather see Brian Billick on the sidelines running the offense than anybody who called WNST today looking to find fault.  BY FAR.

Ravens win… Ravens Win… Ravens win…

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