Ravens, Troy Smith, Mora, Top 10 tirades, and a Top 10 story in ’07 noone is talking about

December 23, 2007 | WNST Staff

I will go ahead and get this out of the way…..Seahawks 23- Ravens 13
Interested to watch Troy Smith today, but whether he throws for three touchdowns and 500 yards or 15yards and five interceptions let’s not judge him on this game alone or the next game for that matter. Troy has a certain swagger about him that could be good for this offense, some people think it almost crosses the fine line of arrogance, but maybe he could be the shot in the arm that this offense needs.
Here are some other Sunday morning thoughts I have:
          Jay Glazer of Fox sports has ranked the top 20 free agent for this upcoming off season. Notice Philip Rivers is the only quarterback on that list.
          I do not expect and would be almost willing to bet you right now that the Ravens will not take a quarterback in the 1st round of the NFL Draft. That is whether Matt Ryan is there or not. I look for them to go offensive or defensive line or address the issue and lack of depth they have at linebacker with Ray, Bart, being free to leave after next season.
          Of all the talk of the Orioles trading Roberts, Bedard, Millar, etc.,etc., and the talk ( which I agree with), that they should get rid of Aubrey Huff, there is a guy way beyond them that I think you need to look at moving…… Melvin Mora. Melvin has made it known that he does not and basically will not play left field. I felt that once Tejada was traded that Mora should be the next to go because I can see him becoming a problem now that his buddy is gone. The Orioles made a bad decision in my opinion in giving him a no trade clause, find a team that he can not veto a trade to and move him along. People have always assumed that guys like Millar, Conine, Segui, Sosa, and Tejada were bad guys in the clubhouse, but Mora has not got the greatest reputation with teammates.
          Although I have never been around for a tirade at a press conference from a coach, I get a great joy and laugh out of watching them on youtube.  A while back Lang Whitaker of si.com put together the top 10. The conversation between Allen Iverson and Jim Mora is classic.
          Look at this article by a guy who was offended by some of the things that he heard and saw while taking his son to a Redskins-Bears game.
          With everyone coming out with their 10 top stories of the year, there is one that I have not seen that I think is very deserving. The murder- suicide of Chris Benoit and his wife and son was one the most bizarre sports stories of the year. When you think about it and really look at everything involved, you had: steroid (which will what most of 2007 will be remembered for), murder, suicide, and everything that came along with it. I heard someone say that it is not a top sports story because wrestling is not a sport….ok you are wrong there and by the way it was the lead story on CNN for about three days. Benoit’s two kids from a previous marriage just recently tried to get two million dollars from the WWE by saying that their father helped make the company money, to which the WWE said that may be true but that they had nothing to do with his death and his murdering of his wife and son. This is a battle that will get ugly and nasty in the legal courts. In my opinion it is one of the top stories of 2007 not only in sports but maybe in general.