Ravens vs Jets : Thoughts on offense and special teams

September 16, 2007 | WNST Staff

Today for the Ravens offense it will all start with #23. Willis McGahee has had five straight 100+ yds rushing games versus the Jets. He has only not rushed for 100 or more yards only once in 6 games. Get Willis going early today and let him wear down that Jets defense.
Here are some other keys I think to today’s game on offense:
         I expect the Jets to be coming after whoever is the QB aggressively. That should open up some of the intermediate passes to Heap and Mason, which could result in big gains.
         The Ravens offense is going to have to make sure they account for Jonathan Vilma on every play. While he is not there yet, he is considered to be Ray Lewis Jr., in fact that is what many people call him is Lil Ray. He is a very, very good linebacker.
         Go after the secondary of the Jets. Test them often and see if you can burn them deep. If Kyle does start today I would come out and either on the first play or first series throw a bomb to Demetrius Williams to see if you can catch the Jets worrying about Willis to much.
         Jets gave up 297yds passing to the Patriots last week, and were not very good at stopping them on 3rd down conversions.
         Keep the defense off the field. The Jets defense was on the field for 33:09 last week against the Patriots, which wore them down and helped, lead the Patriots to scoring 24 second half points. The Ravens have to be able to put together long drives that result in points.
For my 5 star Burger King Whopper Value Meal lock of the week: Yamon Figurs will take one to the house today on special teams. The Jets gave up 156 yds on 3 kickoffs to the Patriots, and the Jets have admitted they are worried about the Ravens special teams.
Today Yamon gets a ball from the game, it will be the one that he returns let’s just say 85yds for a TD.