Ravens win, numbers game,draft status,and other odd and ends

December 30, 2007 | WNST Staff

  • The Ravens will pull out a victory today; probably late into the game, but I say they come away with a 20-16 win today.
  • Here are some numbers as it relates to the Ravens this season:
0-10 when negative in turnover ratio
0-10 when not scoring first
0-9   when trailing at halftime
0-9   when trailing after 3rd quarter
0-8   when losing the coin toss
  • For those wondering how today’s game will change the Ravens draft, it could move them up several spots one way or another. Here is how things look as of right now:
#1 Dolphins 1-14 .067
#2 Jets (3-12),Falcons(3-12),Rams(3-12) .200
#3 Ravens (4-11), Raiders (4-11),Chiefs (4-11) . 200
#4 49ers (5-10) * this will be the Patriots pick because of trade made last year
Today’s games:
Chiefs (4-11) vs Jets (3-12)
Chargers vs Raiders (4-11)
Seahwaks vs Falcons (3-12)
Rams (3-12) vs Cardinals
So if the Ravens, Raiders, and Chiefs, win they would all be tied at 5-11.
If the Ravens lose there is a chance that if Chiefs lose, Jets win, Raiders lose, Falcons win, and Rams win, they would all be tied at 4-12. So today could be an interesting day as far as seeing where the Ravens could pick. When there is a tie with teams having the same record, here is what the NFL uses to break the tie.
  • Glad to see Coach Neuheisel get the head coaching job at UCLA. Coach Neuheisel was always a great guy to talk to about the x’s and o’s of football and just has a great passion for the game. He always amazed everyone as to how he could stand anywhere between the 40-50 yd line and hit the cross bar of the goal post in the air within five throws. He tried to show me how to do it one day and I was amazed at how much detail he paid to the mechanics of his feet more than with how much arm strength he was trying to use…just for the record, I hit the cross bar from 35 and 40 yards during training camp. Brent Harris is still bitter about it.
  • Watching the Patriots last night was a pretty amazing thing to see. You can say what you want about that team, but the one thing you have to admit is that they find a way to win. There is no question Tom Brady is the leader of that football team, when Rodney Harrison was getting stupid penalties and was pulled off of the field, Brady was one of the first guys to go up to him.
  • Glad to see Chuck Liddell gets back in the win column last night at the UFC PPV. I think Chuck will be right back on top before very long.
  • I have played a lot of video games in my life, but recently I got a XBOX 360 which is just a sick system. Being able to play Madden football online against someone is just an amazing thing. However I was told by everyone that I had to get the game Call of Duty 4…..WOW, the most amazing thing I have ever seen before. The graphics, the details, it is by far hands down the best game I have ever seen and or played.
O, by the way if anyone is looking for a little Madden challenge online just let me know.