Ray and Terrell larger than life

September 12, 2007 | WNST Staff

When opposing team and fans come into Baltimore to see their team play the Ravens, they will see Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs larger than life before they arrive at M&T Bank Stadium.
Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs (or T-Sizzle as he prefers to be called), will be featured on the new billboards for Under Armour. Just like on the field, Ray will have one side of town covered (on 95) while Sizzle will be watching over the other side (on 83). Suggs is so versatile that he will also cover the downtown area to remind visiting teams and fans where they are.
To have a lock solid Hall of Fame football player in Ray Lewis, and a guy who could well be on his way to join Ray one day as a part of the UA team is huge. More and more guys in the NFL are wearing Under Armour stuff now. They have really made a name for themselves in the NFL and that is a credit to the people who work there for not being intimidated by Nike and Reebok, and believing in their product; I mean they even have a banner on the sidelines of Madden 08, even the red zone efficiency stat is sponsored by UA on the game.
I still think that if they sold the Team Sizzle shirts for the public, they would be a big time money maker. The shirts are very popular among Suggs’s teammates with guys like Dawan Landry and Haloti Ngata wearing them. Suggs told me he did not want to flood the market of his teammates with them, that way they are more valuable.
Again credit goes to the staff at Under Armour, good to see a local company doing good.