Refs are ruining the game I love

December 04, 2007 | WNST Interns

Each year it gets worse. Refs are making huge calls with a yellow marker on crucial drives and crucial plays. Tonight at M&T Bank Stadium there was a reason Bart Scott was so perturbed at the refs. The fourth down defensive holding call that handed the Patriots a win was flat out bogus. The game was over. If the infraction is not absolutely, positively worthy of a flag, don’t throw it. Then again, I’m of the opinion that refs are there to keep the game flowing. Instead, today’s thought process and training regiment for each individual ref is to control the game. It just isn’t tonight. I watched the refs in the Pitt vs. West Virginia college game Saturday night do all they could to get WVU into a national championship with phantom holding calls, one after the other. Refs are ruining the game for me personally. Way too many calls going on. Teams with 10-15 penalties are becoming the norm. I don’t watch three to four hours of a game or pay the price of a ticket to see men in black and white stripped shirts. Tonight, they completely stole one from Baltimore. You cannot make that fourth down holding call with under a minute that would have been the end of the game otherwise. There just wasn’t enough of a hold to pull the flag in that situation. When in doubt, whip it out. I am losing interest because of it.