Remembering Earl and Expecting Winning Streak

June 02, 2007 | WNST Interns

Check out this terrific piece on The Earl of Baltimore.  That picture is guaranteed to make you laugh!  What great memories we all have of those days; in the midst of this very enjoyable 6 game winning streak, it makes me appreciate why I loved baseball more than any other game as a kid.  Because 6 game winning streaks seemed perfectly normal when Earl was here, and it seemed like they happened three or four times a year.  And you watched every game for the possibility of Earl completely losing it and getting tossed, eagerly anticipating his theatrics following the ejection.

Remember when he brought the rule book on the field?

How about the forfeit in Toronto when he pulled the team off the field?

Or any of his famous bouts with Ron Luciano?

No wonder I’m a Baltimore baseball fan.