Right call made and the ‘leader’ speaks

November 19, 2007 | WNST Staff

Whether you like it or not, whether the official reviewed it or not (and it will be debated for a while) the end result was that the right call was made.

The ball clearly struck the upright then hit the extension bar beyond the cross bar and bounced back into the playing field. I must have seen the replay about 55 times from 53 different angles in the press box.

Like it or not, it was the right call.

Now the debate will be whether the official actually went under the hood to review the call or not (and he says he did not) but remember he never used the word "review." He said, "discussion."

I have never seen anything like that.
As far as the review of the Derek Anderson to Tim Carter catch that Brian Billick challenged but was told there was a "system malfunction": it did not get over turned. Brian was lucky with that, because it was pretty clear on replay that Carter tapped his toe then dragged his foot before going out of bounds.
This is a game that will haunt the Ravens for a while. The looks on the players faces in the locker room after the game was like they had just seen a ghost and could not believe what had happened, and weren’t sure how it did happen. At best, now the Ravens can finish with only one AFC North win, and right now that is looking very dim.
The most telling sign to me was when the “leader" of the team bolted out of the locker room without talking to the media.

That “leader” would, of course, be No. 52 Ray Lewis.

Ray has had a tendency of doing this on a regular basis lately, and it is growing old to everyone in the media (and players, etc).

Someone said to me “it is hard for Ray to say anything after a loss like this.” Well, it wasn’t too hard for Kyle Boller, Brian Billick, Matt Stover, Chris McAlister, Devard Darling, Jarrett Johnson, Haloti Ngata, Dwan Edwards, Derrick Mason, Justin Bannan, Mark Clayton, Adam Terry, Jason Brown, Gary Stills, and other players who last I checked were in the same game as Ray.

I will say that Terrell Suggs and Bart Scott also walked out without talking to the media after watching Ray do it.

So I do blame them to a degree, but it was pointed out that certain players feel like they are being left to the wolves to talk when others are allowed to just walk out.

I just feel that if you want to pound your chest and talk about how great you are when you are winning (or stopping Willie Parker), then be available to do it when the team suffers a devastating loss.