Roids, HGH, and Curt Schillin

May 10, 2007 | WNST Interns

A few things:

I am sick of hearing people say, "Steroids don’t help you hit the ball".  Really??? WOW!!! Thanks for telling me.  Whatever it is that Bonds, Sosa, Giambi and all the other guys are using, it helps you hit the ball farther.  Period!  It’s what helped Bonds go from 33 HRs  to 73 HRs.

I’m old school — it sucks to see Hank Aaron have his record broken.

Remember a few years ago when Jose Canseco said that 85 percent of ball players were using steroids? Do you think he was telling the truth?  I do.

Roger Clemens, the best pitcher of my generation, started pitching in 1984. He has done everything that there is to do as a major league pitcher.  You’re telling me that out of all of those great years, he had his lowest ERA at the age of 43?  And that it’s "natural".  (I hope he blows his arm out in New York!)

Speaking of things getting blown out. If I hear Curt Schilling on ESPN one more time — talking about anything — I will blow my eardrums out!